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Photo : quand Paperboyo enjolive les paysages des Alpes

Paperboyo, célèbre utilisateur du réseau social Instagram, est passé par les Alpes cet hiver et l’hiver dernier. Ses photos, agrémentées de découpages et ombres chinoises, enjolivent les paysages en leur donnant une touche de poésie !

When once in a decade this lake is drained, the remains of an old village emerge from the icy waters. I wasn’t here when that happened but I’ve been told that somewhere down there, beneath the deep blue, there’s a 17th Century church, abandoned homes and a bridge that still stands upright. The village was purposefully flooded for the sake of a hydro-electric dam. After the second world war France needed to develop it’s energy production and after much debate the village was sacrificed for the greater good of the state. In compensation EDF (Electricite de France) rebuilt the village above the lake at Les Boisses, including an exact copy of the church. They even built a cemetery beside the church, exhumed the graves of those in the old village and re-buried them in the new cemetery. Here’s the strangest part of the story though- ever since then there have been stories about ghostly figures wandering down from the new village into the waters of the lake as if they’re searching for their original resting place. For an equally chilling experience (in a different way) you can snow bike over the other lake further up the mountains (Tignes Le Lac) which is frozen during the winter. Check out my Insta-Story for a glimpse of what that looks like @TignesOfficiel @french_mountains #Tignes #TignesAddict #FrenchMountains #AlpsMontBlanc #Eskimo #Silhouette #Mountain #Lake #Wanderlust

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For the next week I’m on a road trip around the @french_mountains, hitting three ski resorts to see if I can shake up the usual style of ski holiday photos. It’s also an opportunity to see if I can do a blue run and stay upright (yeah, I’m a beginner). The week starts in Tignes, or more specifically up here at the Aiguille Percée (The Eye of The Needle). This is on a red run (a difficult run) so I cheated and took a snowmobile up & down with one of the piste staff. We set off before the slopes were open and just as the sun rose over the Alps- you probably don’t need me to tell you how special that looked. After getting this shot at the rock formation I joined the staff for coffee in their alpine hut whilst playing with their two huskies. I can’t remember the last time I had such a satisfying morning @TignesOfficiel #Tignes #TignesAddict #FrenchMountains #AlpsMontBlanc #Silhouette #Mountain #Sunrise #Wanderlust

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The popularity of skiing is somewhat down to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He moved to the Alps in 1893 (the mountain air was prescribed to aid his wife’s health), and learnt to ski with the help of two local brothers. “You let yourself go,” he once wrote. “Getting as near to flying as any earthbound man can”. Doyle predicted that in the future hundreds of people would come to the Alps for “ski season”. He wasn’t wrong, the slopes here in Val D’Isere are buzzing with people from all around the world (including one British guy who keeps falling over….) @ClubMed @ClubMedValDIsere #ClubMed #ClubMedValDIsere #Ski #Skiing #Graffiti #Mountain #Mountains #Alps #France #Europe #Travel #Instatravel #Travelgram #Wanderlust #Sherlock #ArthurConanDoyle #Cloud #Spray #PassionPassport #Adventure #Silhouette #Paperart #Art #Instaart #Snow

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